Kay and I snuck out of town this week, to celebrate Thanksgiving at Edisto village. We do leave paradise now and again, to explore other wild South Carolina places. And yes, the beach can be a wild place, if you go when it is cold enough, if you get up and out early enough. We go for Mica, our dog, who displays indescribable exuberance at first sight of the beach. Every time. We leave here at other times to explore South Carolina’s wild blackwater rivers, always with an eye to the sky, searching endlessly for even a glimpse of the otherworldly swallow-tailed kite. All our excursions are short, as Jocassee calls loudly for our return after a few days away. We do take one long journey in January most years, to dive deeply into roots country for Kay and I, Florida’s Forgotten Coast, or so it is called by the real estate promoters who want it to be nothing of the sort. We travel for the solitude, for the oysters, for the birds, and for the world’s best Key Lime Pie. OK, I admit it. We travel for pie. Or I should say, I travel for pie. Kay enjoys it, I long for it. Please don’t tell anyone. Leaving paradise to see other wild and ethereal places. It is one of the pleasantly existential issues of living at Jocassee. ~B