As the rain poured down in torrents this past week, I was wondering what the waterfalls on Jocassee must look like. Well, lucky me got an exceptionally cool family of 3 who were desperate to go on the lake – rain or shine! I love adventurous people! We ended up having a 4-hour window of spectacular weather Thursday afternoon AND we had the whole lake to ourselves. In that short period of blissful time, we boated into the Gorges to see several breathtaking cataracts. Oh my, if I just could have truly captured the sounds, the sights and the vibration of the enormous volumes of water that were gushing out at Mill Creek, Laurel Creek, and Devils Hole! When we weren’t next to a wild waterfall where we could barely hear ourselves think, we were gently floating in the calm jade green water counting monarchs. We counted 140-ish monarch butterflies who were taking advantage of the dry fly time. On Saturday, we counted 160 something before we stopped counting and started laughing because there must be a few hundred of these winged tigers! How cool is it that Lake Jocassee is a flyway for monarchs migrating to Mexico? How amazing is Lake Jocassee year-round? So much to come in the next few months – don’t miss out on the fun and the beauty! ~Kerry McKenzie, JLT guide