As the morning starts off a little cool with a typical Carolina blue sky and high patchy clouds, we're standing on a cliff above Tahiti beach which offers a mesmerizing view of the great Blue Wall in front of us and the quarry wall behind us. This day, we spied on divers in the emerald green waters of the quarry and watched the sun and cloud shadows dancing on the mountains across the basin. Heading out in search of waterfalls, we saw the moisture beginning to build over the tallest peaks above 3000’. The breeze picked up as the air cooled down and the sunlight played hide and seek behind the clouds above. Leaving Wright Creek falls, heading downstream in the Thompson River channel, we watched over our shoulders as the rain fell in sheets on the mountains behind us. Scrambling under the bimini top, grabbing kids, towels, ponchos; all in an attempt to avoid the drops that were sure to reach us, we picked up speed trying to outrun the rain storm. 115 hp doesn't always win, but it’s exhilarating to try;) No luck…TAG…it reached us just before we slid to a stop in a quiet little cove where we found protection from the wind and sheets of rain. Partially drenched, laughing and talking, we watched as the wall of water moved past like a stampede of beautiful, wild horses running free. As the sky behind us lightened, it cast a myriad of colors around us, making the lake seem enchanted and almost magical. Nature is beautiful and powerful! Heading in we noticed a small rainbow on the left side of the boat. What a perfect way to end a great day! ~Sheryl White, JLT guide