Do you pay attention to the “Did You Know” feature at the bottom of this newsletter? Some email servers “clip” content, so you may need to click a link to see this particular feature… but it is worth it! Sometimes it’s a tidbit of nature trivia. Other times it’s an alert worthy of your attention. This week, it is a tip of the hat to Duke Energy, SCPRT, and especially to Devils Fork State Park! Learn why under “Did You Know” at the bottom of this page. In other news, the summer’s big fundraiser for Jocassee Wild Outdoor Education ends Tuesday. To date we have raised enough money to bring 226 local children on an unforgettable adventure into the Jocassee Gorges, by way of beautiful Lake Jocassee. To reach our goal, we have 274 kids to go! Our kids need exposure to nature. Please share this link with family and friends so they can help, too. TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS! ~K